Carlos González


Composer, pianinst, percussionist, music critic and teacher specialized in harmony and improvisation. Candidate to the  Premios Max awards 2015 in the category of original music for performing arts and awarded with the Bocina de Piedra in the XII Silent Film Festival held in Uncastillo. He has been financed by the Comunity of Madrid and Ministry of Culture to develop his compositional works.

His vocation has led him to explore the contemporary concept of improvisation, both in jazz and classical music, as well as in the application to any other style. As a composer, he focuses his interests in creative diversity and the respect of traditional musical patterns. He embraces symphonic music as well as stage music. At the same time, he works as an arranger and producer. and is also a noted teacher in harmony and improvisation.

Currently he is working as pianist of the dance company La Phármaco, he is also actively engaged in several projects for the record label Piccolo.

Carlos González has produced and performed in more than thirty record labels.